Friday, January 23, 2009

Evolution versus IE

The Texas State Board of Education had a recent debate on if the "strengths and weaknesses" of evolution should be taught in school. Thankfully that idea was thrown out and we will not be teaching creationsism and intelligent design in our Texas science classrooms. It also really irks me how people use the term evolution when what they are talking about is natural selection. They are two different things but that is not why I am writing this post. It is because one person had a great comment towards the people who belief in the biblical story of the creation of man. Here it is:

"The funny thing about all these bible thumpers and "Intelligent Design" believers is that, if they truly believe we came from Adam and Eve, then I guess their god is OK with incest. I mean, if we all did come from Adam and Eve, then how did we get here if not for their children having had sex with each other, with Adam having sex with his daughters, with Eve having sex with her sons? Makes one wonder about a god that's OK with incest. I prefer to believe in evolution."

Very nice!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tuesday Road Ride

Left the office a little early Friday to get some road miles in with my homeboy and teammate Rey and our friend Adam. Haven't ridden with Adam in some time and it was nice to catch up. Shoal Creek and some Tarry Town loops. Beautiful day with temps in the 80's.

Excruciation Exam

Second marathon race of the season, but the first one for me. Did this one pretty much off the couch. Getting maybe 50 or so miles in a week. Fatherhood and work, riding during the week has been pretty low priority. 82 miles, start at the Flat Rock Ranch in Warda for a loop, off to Rocky Hill Ranch in Smithville covering mostly dirt and some paved roads, 2 ten mile laps, and then back to Flat Rock for a short lap.

Finished 13 in the 30 plus and somewhere in the 40's overall with I well over 100 people. Same time as last year but got stuck at a train crossing right as the train was showing up. cost me at least 15 minutes. lack of gears cost me more than that. couldn't stay on the pacelines at 34x17. Would stay with them for a bit but trying to maintain a 18 to 22 mph pace with that gear for 25 miles I would not be finishing the race. Getting stronger now if I can just get motivated and get on the trainer in the morning before work at 5 am. Yeah, not as fun as riding, but its a way to get some saddle time in and not totally fuck my family.

thinking about maybe getting some gears. if it happens won't be till this time next year though.

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Good group today for the ride. 7 guys including me. 9am meet up at Pure Austin for some coffee. Andrew Yates' Beef and Pie production company is providing their coffee shop the beans. Good stuff. Rolled out up along the Shoal Creek trail, through Pease Park, Shoal Creek and eventually to Walnut Creek. Covered pretty much all the trails out there and then headed out making our way to some trails off of 360. John and Drew decided to bail out at this point and headed back downtown. Did a little lap out there. I was getting pretty spent at this point. Probably wasn't taking in enough fuel. Plus being on the singlespeed with these guys takes its tole, especially on the road. End up getting spun out. My buddy Stewart Stafford is a stud. Texas State champ multiple times. Andrew Yates is pretty fast too. Old men, but they put me in my place everytime. Rode with a dude Brian Lampert for the first time today. Lot of fun, you can tell he just has a blast on the bike. Was like riding with a little kid. Brian, Stew, Andrew, and Brian headed down 360 towards the Greenbelt to finish it up. I had to bail at this point. No way I would have been able to hang on 360 with a tailwind. did the Far West climb over to Shoal Creek and back home on the East Side. 50 something miles before it was done. Perfect weather.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Din Din Time

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Morning Sup of Jo Before the Ride

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Got about 5 hours in out at the Greenbelt this morning. Light rains we've been having are making the dirt real nice and tacky but the limestone's slick as snot. Only one wreck, canuck homeboy drew did a flying hipcheck into a live oak. He's okay but his bike has a bent hanger.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

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